Allow me to introduce myself…

I love my job. I get to create something that connects people. Every night, I go to sleep (yes, even the weekends) wondering…how can I make something better than I did the day before. And what gets me excited is knowing that I have the chance to improve everything I’ve already built, design things that I haven’t done or thought of, and having the opportunity to learn. I love absorbing information, and everyday that I learn something, is a great day.

Optimism. I apply daily into my code. Nothing is impossible and everything is human-centric; this is my philosophy about building something great. As a client-side engineer for over a decade, I was told that “it can’t be done” or “we don’t support that.” But we can, and it’s all about making the right decisions when opportunities arise. That is what motivated me to learn more about server and database architecture. Design isn’t just about making something look good. Design is about architecting something usable, extendable, and easy for the next person stepping into my shoes to learn and continue building.

My name is Josh, let’s connect and build something meaningful.

Work Experience


So fresh, so clean™️

Revolution Messaging

Architect, build, maintain, deploy and monitor platforms, APIs and micro services that use Ruby, Node and PHP. Hire and mentor both junior and mid level engineers from remote locations. Research new technologies that can be used within our stack. Implement engineering processes that benefit engineers and their growth as well as introduce stability in the coding and deployment process.


Developed and maintained existing and new features for mobile iPad application. Created and maintained email templates for campaigns and platform communication.


Created and maintained UI style guides, components and frameworks for client facing applications. Developed prototypes to be presented in meetings and meet ups as potential new products.


Web design and development for existing and new web applications. Heavily involved in strategy and concept for new websites and applications.


Helped enforce accessibility web standards for platform web application that previously had no support. Architected and created new UI components for all engineers to use and extend.

Arc Worldwide

Turned photoshop mockups into marketing websites and email templates for large scale clients including Kellogg's, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Home Depot.

Verge Solutions

Designed intuitive interfaces for previously built web applications. Responsible for maintaining UI style guides and components across all applications in the platform.


Designed and built various portfolio and marketing websites.